About Me

I   am   an  experienced,   accredited,  and  ethical

counsellor  who  has   worked   in   the  NHS  and

social  care   field   as   professional   practitioner,

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAmanager and board member

for more  than  twenty  years.




I    have   practised   counselling,   psychotherapy

and  life   coaching  for   more   than  5  years  and

am      an     accredited    member   of    the   British

Association for  Counselling  and Psychotherapy

(MBACPaccred).   I   am   registered    on   the   UK

Register  of   Counsellors   and  Psychotherapists

(UKRCP)   and     with      the     Health    and    Care

Professions  Council  (HCPC).


I     have     worked   in    different      organisations

including       NHS     Trusts,     local       authorities

and       voluntary        sector       agencies.   I     am

experienced  in   working   with  adults  on  issues

including: palliative care; learning,   physical  and

sensory   disabilities;   mental    health    problems

and   issues  relevant    to    older   age   (including



As we all do, I  too experience ups and  downs  in

my life. At  one  low  point I accessed counselling

and    this   experience   enabled    me    to    make

necessary    changes    in    my   life,  including   a

decision to  train  as  a  counsellor.  I  have  never

had   cause   to    regret    my    choice    and    this,

together   with  the  other  changes  I    made,  has

resulted in my  becoming  increasingly  authentic

(real),  and  correspondingly  feel   more  at   ease

with   myself  and   the   world   around   me.