I  provide  counselling to individuals  & couples

on   a    face-to-face    basis   in   my   office  ( by

appointment  only).  Sessions  last  60  minutes

(single adult) or   90  minutes  (couples)  weekly

or   fortnightly.  Sessions are available between

 9.00am to  8.00pm  weekdays. Sessions out  of

these hours  attract  a  premium  rate*. I  offer  a

free  initial  meeting  (about 30 mins) for  you  to 

meet me  before deciding  whether  to  proceed 

with counselling.


As   an   ‘integrative  practitioner’   I   draw  on   a

range   of    theoretical   approaches   and   tailor

therapy to suit  you as  an individual. For   some

issues, including  moderate  anxiety/depression,

post-traumatic  stress,  performance   anxiety, or

workplace   stress,  I  may  make  use  of  shorter

term    ( 6-12  sessions )   approaches    such   as

brief,   goal    orientated    therapy   or    cognitive

behavioural    therapy   (CBT).  If   your   problem

is  more   complex  or  deeper  seated,  including

unresolved      childhood       issues,    borderline

personality  disorder,  self-harm  or   abuse,  you

may    gain    most    benefit    from    longer   term

therapy  (12+ sessions). I  use   approaches  that

lend   themselves    to    this,  such    as   Schema

Therapy    or    Dialectical    Behaviour    Therapy



We begin  with  a thorough  assessment of  your

situation and  what  you hope  to gain  from your

counselling. We then  begin  therapy  and review

progress  at   regular  intervals.  Usually   we  will

agree  on  an end point for the  therapy  however,

you  retain   the  right   to   stop   the   counselling

at   any   stage,  subject   to   a   period  of   notice.



I  work from  a  pleasant office in  Stockport  town 

centre, within  easy  walking distance of both bus 

and   train   stations.  Meter   parking   is  available

nearby.  My  office  is  on   the  second   floor  and    

there  is no lift. If  you have  a  problem that would

make  it  difficult  to  access  my  office,  please let

me  know as  I  can  arrange  an  alternative venue.


As   a  member  of   BACP,  I  practise   safely  and 

ethically;  ensure   confidentiality    is   maintained 

and    your   data   is   securely   stored;  keep   my 

training   &   professional   development   relevant

and up  to date; receive  regular  supervision  and

carry   adequate   professional   insurance.

* see fees